1. Recruiting

Aspiring micro-entrepreneurs are recruited for training through local institutions.

2. Training

Micro-entrepreneurs are trained in clean water, sales communications and and basic business skills then organized into sales teams.

3. Supplying

Kouzin Dlo brand liquid chlorine and safe water storage buckets are supplied to micro-entrepreneurs and local businesses. 

4. Expansion

Kouzin Dlo is growing to be a trusted household name for clean water across Haiti by working with both local and national partners.

Partnerships for Growth

From Community Based Organizations to Impact Capital, Kouzin Dlo partnerships allow for expansion across Haiti.

8 organizations, including community health, jobs training and vocational programs, have worked with Kouzin Dlo to provide training to their members. Kouzin Dlo trainers have provided entrepreneurial training to 12 groups across Port-au-Prince since June 2014.

Contact us at info@kouzindlo.com for more information.

Investing in Growth

Kouzin Dlo brings life-saving technology within reach for customers across Haiti. Investing in this business represents a large opportunity for both social and economic returns. 

Locations of Kouzin Dlo sales across Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Locations of Kouzin Dlo sales across Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Kouzin Dlo has reached thousands of households and created income for hundreds of women across Port-au-Prince Haiti through a simple and scalable business model. These communities intentionally represent those most neglected by both commercial and non-profit activities. Even under these difficult circumstances, Kouzin Dlo has thrived.