Kouzin Dlo

Clean drinking water can cost 20% of a day’s wage in urban Haiti. It is not acceptable, or necessary, that clean water be a luxury item for households across the country. The lack of affordable clean water leads to thousands of deaths, lost nutrition, school hours and thousands in wasted medical fees.

Kouzin Dlo is a Haitian social enterprise that lowers the cost of clean water by distributing a proven and low cost product across urban Haiti using a network of female micro-entrepreneurs. Our product is easy to use and is 90 times cheaper than other clean drinking water options available within communities.

By recruiting and training women as clean water micro-entrepreneurs to sell in their own communities, Kouzin Dlo can sell an effective product for household water treatment and water storage products at a price households can afford. All while creating economic opportunities in low-income communities.

Sales agents sell our products to their communities and social networks. More than anyone else, these women can personally relate the importance of chlorine to potential customers, while providing a consistent supply and training households on how to use the product effectively.

Kouzin Dlo...attack[s] the social problem while promoting wealth creation and sustained economic growth within the community.

- GenFDK

Cholera BBC News Report following the UN's statement on Cholera August 18th featuring Kouzin Dlo Co-Founder Jessica Laporte (Reporter: Bryant)

"Kouzin Dlo was intentionally designed to avoid the pitfalls that cause so many social ventures to fail."

Trained Sales Agents

270 Women

Gallons of Water Treated

1 Million Gallons

Dollars Customers Saved

86,815 Dollars

Women who sell with Kouzin Do run their own small business. As they succeed, Kouzin Dlo reaches more households, driving our social mission alongside their economic goals.




Jessica Laporte



Beverly Pierre

Regional Manager

Carline Calixte

Community Marketing Manager and Trainer


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Kouzin Dlo was designed and co-founded in collaboration with Archimedes Project.


1. Recruiting

Aspiring micro-entrepreneurs are recruited for training through local institutions.

2. Training

Micro-entrepreneurs are trained in clean water, sales communications and and basic business skills then organized into sales teams.

3. Supplying

Kouzin Dlo brand liquid chlorine and safe water storage buckets are supplied to micro-entrepreneurs and local businesses. 

4. Expansion

Kouzin Dlo is growing to be a trusted household name for clean water across Haiti by working with both local and national partners.

Partnerships for Growth

From Community Based Organizations to Impact Capital, Kouzin Dlo partnerships allow for expansion across Haiti.

8 organizations, including community health, jobs training and vocational programs, have worked with Kouzin Dlo to provide training to their members. Kouzin Dlo trainers have provided entrepreneurial training to 12 groups across Port-au-Prince since June 2014.

Contact us at info@kouzindlo.com for more information.

Investing in Growth

Kouzin Dlo brings life-saving technology within reach for customers across Haiti. Investing in this business represents a large opportunity for both social and economic returns. 

Locations of Kouzin Dlo sales across Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Locations of Kouzin Dlo sales across Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Kouzin Dlo has reached thousands of households and created income for hundreds of women across Port-au-Prince Haiti through a simple and scalable business model. These communities intentionally represent those most neglected by both commercial and non-profit activities. Even under these difficult circumstances, Kouzin Dlo has thrived.